Essays & commentaries


‘The Potential of Cryptocurrencies to Transform our Taxation Systems for the Better’, Global Policy (with Zbigniew Dumienski).


‘Why the U.S. Should Rethink Military Support for Ukraine’, Global Politics



‘Why a grand coalition was unthinkable’, Newsroom (with Zbigniew Dumienski).


‘Impeaching Donald Trump will not solve American democracy’s problems’, The Press.


‘New Zealand’s first-pastthe-post ‘hangover’ could limit coalition options’, The Conversation (with Pii-Tuulia Nikula).


‘A land tax would solve a lot of society’s problems’, Newsroom (with Zbigniew Dumienski). 


‘Let’s not forget the un-answered questions about America’s inept democracy’, Columbia Journal of International Affairs.


‘Trump is the wild card in the latest standoff’, The New Zealand Herald.
‘The West’s hyperbole on North Korea will only fuel Kim Jong-un’s propaganda’, The Conversation.
‘Deeper causes of terrorism need to be addressed’, The New Zealand Herald.
‘The Problem with Elections’, Newsroom.
‘Yes, the world is volatile right now. But don’t start packing yet for WWIII’, The Spinoff.


‘Trump forsaking NATO would be a win for Putin, but it might also be a win for Eurasia too’, Elgar blog.


‘The West, the liberal order and (post-coup) Turkey’, European Geostrategy.


Civil society development is the key to rejuvenating Ukraine’s democratisation efforts’, Ukraine Democracy Initiative.


‘The Trump phenomenon proves that electoral politics has failed. Time to try something new’, The Spinoff.
‘China will be the winner if US backs out of the TPP’, The Conversation.
‘The spread of Isis and a values void in the West’, The Spinoff.
History tells us that Britain should not be fooled into thinking it can go alone’, Pacific Outlier.


‘Why a Remain vote in Britain is best for NZ’. The New Zealand Herald.
‘Key finally strikes at issue’s heart’. The New Zealand Herald (with Zbigniew Dumienski).
‘Could Taiwan be Asia-Pacific’s Ukraine?’. Global Politics.
‘Beyond trade, the TPP is about a new, mega-regional race for power’. The Spinoff.
‘Free degrees won’t mean more jobs’. The New Zealand Herald (with Zbigniew Dumienski).
‘A Brexit could be a boon for further European integration’. The Pacific Outlier.



‘Land tax best fix for housing crisis’. The New Zealand Herald (with Zbigniew Dumienski).
‘Seeds of the Ukraine crisis’. The Pacific Outlier.
‘A land value tax could fix Australasia’s housing crisis’. The Conversation (with Zbigniew Dumienski).
‘Citizens’ juries could reduce Auckland’s democratic deficit’. The New Zealand Herald (with Zbigniew Dumienski).
‘We need to re-emphasise the “demos” in Democracy: Making a case for sortition in New Zealand’. The CO-OP.
‘Appraising the EU’s response to the Ukraine crisis’. The Pacific Outlier



‘Rethinking Eurasia’s future’. Open Democracy (with Zbigniew Dumienski).


‘Why the West Should Reflect on its “Russia Strategy”’. New Eastern Europe.
‘Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia are close to reaching EU accession standards’. LSE Euro Politics and Policy Blog (with Milenko Petrovic).
‘How Putin’s gambit will hasten Russia’s decline’. The New Zealand Herald.
‘Russia’s Unpragmatic Turn in its Near Abroad: Is Putin’s insecurity handicapping foreign policy in Ukraine?’. New Eastern Europe



‘The Real Ukraine’. Jerusalem Post (with Zbigniew Dumienski).
 ‘Ukraine’s European U-turn: Another failure of the EU as a fully-fledged international actor?’. New Eastern Europe.
‘Demystifying Yanukovych’s Decision to not Sign the Association Agreement’. New Eastern Europe.


‘A fork in the road? Ukraine’s difficult position between East and West in the foreseeable future’. Australia and New Zealand Journal of European Studies.